About Calluna

Calluna is the leading Swedish company for ecological consultancy. Our objective is to show how ecosystems can be secured for the future. We are your natural partner in community planning, exploitation and nature conservation. Our consultants are ready to help you with managing biodiversity and ecosystems in your project.

With main office in Linköping and local offices in e.g. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Gävle, Lidköping and Kalmar, we have local knowledge in a large section of the country. Being on the scene since 1992, we have a long experience in the policy, practice and art of biodiversity conservation and management.

Calluna is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. Calluna Lab is accredited by Swedac for several sampling and analysis methods, according to SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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Our mission

Climate change has highlighted the vulnerability of our ecosystems and societies dependence of ecosystem function and services. Ecosystem functionality is in fact limiting how we can use and develop society. Our ecosystems are presently under strong pressure from land use, urban development and climate change. We take on the challenge of finding the ecologically sustainable solutions in any human action. 


What we do

We are an environmental consultant specialized in ecological issues. We are your partner of choice when you need to secure the ecological sustainability of your project. We do advanced GIS-modeling, field studies covering a wide range of methods and taxa, and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). We work in terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems.

Our main customers are infrastructure and urban planners, wind power developers, and national and regional authorities working with biodiversity management and the monitoring of human impact on natural resources.


Monitoring and analysis

We carry out environmental monitoring in a variety of natural environments, and of many different organism groups; from bats and butterflies to benthic fauna and macroalgae. We are well acquainted with the national environmental monitoring methodology and standards for environmental data collection. 

Our current long-term commissions for environmental data collection include:

  • Sampling and chemical analyses of water (runoff water, surface water, ground water, process water, drinking water etc)
  • Sampling and chemical analyses of soil and natural and industrial sediments
  • Electrofishing and net fishing for population estimates and assessment of environmental status
  • Sampling and taxonomic analyses of plankton, benthic fauna and macrophytes for assessment of environmental status
  • Analyses of toxins and medical substances in blue mussels and fish

We develop integrated monitoring programmes based on our customers particular needs.



Within the business area "Calluna Education" we practices and teaches outdoor education. In Outdoor education, students are encouraged to use their entire bodies and all senses in learning, outdoor education can be described as:

  • Learning moved out to nature, parks and cultural landscapes
  • Interaction between senses and facts
  • Eye-opener experience in genuine settings
  • Good for health and filled with pleasure
  • Significance of Influence of Environs is emphasized

Calluna Education also run and develop nature school activities and give advice on the physical environment around schools from a pedagogical perspective.

Universities and Schools of education benefit from our knowledge and we offer teachers advanced education and competence training. 


Research and development

Calluna conducts needs-oriented research and method development relating to biodiversity and nature conservation and community planning. New research findings and new and adapted methods contribute to Callunas overall mission to find ways to secure ecosystem function and find ecologically sustainable solutions. Calluna R&D secures that our consultancy is done with maximum efficiency, is credible, and relies on the best available knowledge. By involving in research, our staff keeps up to date with current knowledge, and links with experts worldwide.



We publish new research and knowledge in reports, handbooks and scientific journals. We help identifying components of general research interest in consultancy project, and offer the opportunity to advance these components.


Method development

Calluna has developed the method ”Biological Infrastructure” for biodiversity assessment and management in large scale exploitation projects such as motorways and railways. The method emphasizes the importance of connetivity between ecosystems, and includes the identification of valuable pathways for organisms, identification of landscapes with high concentrations of valuable pathways, and finding solutions to minimize fragmentation.

Calluna has recently contributed in developing methods for landscape character assessment, noise disturbance assessment, and standarized biodiversity inventory.